2013 Emmy preview: ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Girls,’ ‘Modern Family,’ and ‘Veep’ face off

The latest -The Outstanding Comedy Series category this year at the Emmys is a weird one, mostly when you look at some of the additions and omissions as a whole. While the voters continue to show relentless love for “Modern Family,” there’s no “Parks and Recreation” on this list … or “New Girl” … or “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It’s predictable who is selected here annually, just as it is predictable who will generally win.

We have to consider past history, but we are also including some past trends in here along with our personal preference. Therefore, we’re predicting an upset! That is, if you can call the most-popular sitcom on TV winning an upset.

6. “30 Rock” (NBC) – This is mostly a casualty of the final season ending early in the voting window. Plus, this genre does not always recognize people or shows going out. Steve Carell failed to win in his last nomination for “The Office,” even though he had never won before and clearly deserved to.

5. “Veep” (HBO) – A very strong, very funny show, but one that we also think sometimes starts to become a bit too focused on one character. We loved season 2, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is a much larger candidate to win on her own rather than the show is as a whole.

4. “Louie” (FX) – We almost feel the same way here about “Louie.” You hear all the time how phenomenal Louis C.K. is, and it’s warranted, but his show just doesn’t get much buzz away from awards season, and it hasn’t this year despite its greatness.

3. “Girls” (HBO) – Personally, we would give the award to either “Veep” or “Girls” on this list, but we are probably the only TV critic alive who prefers season 2 to the original season. We liked the risks, the side stories (well, most of them), and having episodes revolving just around a couple of characters. It gave us a break from the model of what a comedy should be.

2. “Modern Family” (ABC) – It’s still the reigning champion, even though we have not particularly loved the past two seasons as much as everyone else out there. We just feel like the Emmys are the sort of voters when it comes to comedies that are set in their ways, and they may just do the easy thing and give the trophy to them again.

1. “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) – Yes, we think that this is the year for Sheldon Cooper. The Emmys cannot ignore the ratings, and also the critics saying that season 6 may have been the show’s best yet. Overall, there is just quite a bit going in the gang’s favor, with one of them potentially being that we are coming off a weak year when it comes to new comedy, and there are no up-and-coming contenders.

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