‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 9 review: Jime scolded for same mistake Tatu Baby gets praise for

Tatu Baby getting special treatment? -After last week’s shocking admission by Tatu Baby that she wanted to quit “Ink Master” season 3 we were crazy curious to see if her second chance was going to give her the kick in the butt she needed or if she was going to fall to pieces.

Flash challenge: This week the artists were tested on consistency and had to etch designs into human skulls. Tatu Baby decided to do lettering to show consistency and even though Chris Nunez told her that she did not show consistency like the challenge dictated that her work was good . Why are the judges praising her work if she didn’t complete the challenge? This is the most frustrating thing about this season, Tatu Baby’s special treatment by the judges and their inconsistent critiques… and we’ll get into that more later in the article. It was down to Jime and Joshua who had the best designs with Joshua coming out on top. This week he really deserved the win, we loved his design.

Elimination tattoo: Joshua has the advantage of handing out the canvases and even though Jackie and Jason tried to convince him to hit the top dogs like Joey and Jime with the hardest tattoos, he decided to give them easier tattoos and Kyle, Jackie and Jason got some of the harder ones. It was DC comic super villain day and we were totally stoked to see tattoos of some of our favorite villains like Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Bane. Even though this is comic day, Jime decided to make Poison Ivy a new school tattoo making her completely unrecognizable, but Jackie also dropped the ball when she tattooed Two-Face’s burn marks on the wrong side of his face. Tatu Baby also struggled with time and she ended up cutting her design of the Joker in half at the waist, but what she did tattoo was fantastic.

Judging: Here is where we get into the unfair treatment of Tatu Baby that we mentioned earlier in the article. She etched a skull in the flash challenge and didn’t show consistency at all, but was praised for her work. Jime tattoos a new school version of Poison Ivy, not following the challenge at all either and is completely reamed out for it. We are really questioning the judges this season for some of their choices. Last week Craig went home in a proportions challenge even though his tattoo was perfectly proportional (went home for not being able to do black and grey…. this wasn’t a black and grey challenge). Tatu Baby quits and is hand held back into the competition and this week she doesn’t follow the name of the game in consistency in the flash challenge and is praised for her work. Jime does the same thing in the elimination tattoo and is raked over the coals. Judges… you guys need to get it together and get some consistency of your own going here.

At the end of the day it was Joey that came out the winner with his wicked Catwoman tattoo (best tattoo we’ve seen all season from anyone) and Jason, Jackie and Jime were in the bottom (Jime named worst by the jury), with Jackie going home. We really liked Jackie, but she should’ve gone home weeks ago and that’s why we had her ranked in last place in our weekly “Ink Master” rankings.

Do you think Jackie should’ve gone home tonight? Are you starting to question the judges decisions and critiques? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Photo: Spike TV

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