ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ season 2 chances helped (possibly) by finale ratings

The latest -While we were hoping that we would have more of a clear-cut picture today on the future of “Mistresses” following the finale, an old adversary is here and rearing its ugly head again: NFL football. The Houston Texans and Philadelphia Eagles games were aired on ABC stations in their respective cities last night, so there is going to be adjustment later in the day, which will almost surely be a downward tumble since viewers in these markets did not get to watch the show live.

As of right now, the finale scored a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which on its own is not too bad for the summer, and one of the show’s best ratings yet. We would not be surprised to see it go down as low as a 1.1 once the final numbers are figured, and we will update when it happens.

While we don’t feel any more confident now about a season 2 renewal as we did yesterday (where we really said that this was a 50 – 50 decision), the second half of this season should at least prove that viewers who watched this show stuck to it, and some even joined during the midway point of its run. For a summer show to gain an audience, especially on network TV, is a good sign. The cast’s options were extended until this month, so we suspect that there will be a decision before the end of this month. The interest among the actors seems to be there in coming back for more.

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Update: The final numbers are in, and we had it about right: A 1.1 rating. It’s not the sort of thing that helps the show, but this number is also inconclusive since the NFL took over in Philadelphia and Houston.

Photo: ABC

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