ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ season finale review: Who is the father of Savannah’s baby?

Who is Savannah's baby daddy? -On the season finale of “Mistresses” it’s Savannah’s birthday and the girls celebrate with a trip to Palm Springs which is just what she needs at this point, but what we really want to know is, who is the father of her baby?

April: Feeling conflicted about her feelings for Richard she goes over to his house to talk, but when she gets there she sees boxes and thinks the worst. When she finally finds him, she finds out he just moved his things into boxes to paint the living room and tells her that he would never just up and leave her. When April really looks within herself she finds that the man she really wants to be with is… Paul. Shocked that she would give up a great guy for someone like Paul? So are we. When Miranda calls April to ask if she’s heard from Paul, that their son is missing him, she realizes that Paul is about to repeat history with Miranda and sends him home.

Karen: She learns that Elizabeth has a very unstable past that includes seeing a team of shrinks, but that doesn’t stop her from giving Elizabeth 5 minutes before meeting the girls in Palm Springs. This of course was a terrible mistake as Elizabeth quickly pulled a gun on her and plans to force her to commit suicide. Luckily for Karen as Sam is getting ready to head to the airport he noticed his mother’s gun was missing and headed over to Karen’s house. Karen learns that Tom’s last words to Elizabeth before she killed him was that he wanted Karen and a struggle ensues…. someone gets shot, but who?

Josslyn and Savannah: She is still freaking out that Harry took the envelope with the baby daddy results and is pushing for him to return them. When Savannah tells her she wants to know who the father is, Josslyn convinces her to stay in Palm Springs and sleep on this decision. Unfortunately for Josslyn, Savannah can’t wait and sneaks out before she wakes up to get the envelope. Josslyn calls her before she gets to the envelope and she tells her that Harry stole it, begging her to come back to the hotel. As she is pulling back onto the highway, Savannah gets into a car crash and Harry gets a call as her in case of emergency person. She is banged up pretty bad, but the baby and her are going to be fine.

Who’s the baby daddy?: No surprise here… it’s Dominic. If it was Harry of course there wouldn’t be drama for next season. Savannah thinks that because Harry’s at the hospital he has read the result that he’s the father and everything is going to be okay, but he tells her that he’s not the baby’s dad. Harry tells her that he doesn’t care that he’s not the father, he loves her and can’t be without her. Unfortunately she is still faced with a big decision should there be a season 2 because Dominic confesses that he is in love with her too. Want to talk about a cliff hanger???? Savannah goes into cardiac arrest just as the end credits roll, better hope there’s a season 2!

Were you surprised that Dominic is the father or were you hoping it was Harry? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of “Mistresses” season 1 and what your hopes are for season 2.

Photo: ABC

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