‘Under the Dome’ episode 12 review: Jim’s drunk on power and everyone’s in jail

What's next? -Last time on “Under the Dome” Big Jim put his knowledge of Barbie’s past to good use and tried to frame him for murders he did not commit. With Barbie now on the run and the town putting their trust in Jim what will become of Chester’s Mill?

Julia: Jim orders Junior to go to the hospital and watch over Julia and radio only him if she regains consciousness. Barbie finds Angie and asks her to go to the hospital to help get Julia to a safe place, knowing Jim will be going after her. Angie distracts Junior from his post so that Barbie can get Julia out, but when they kiss and he tastes cigarettes on her breath he knows that she’s tricked him. Angie drives off with Julia and Barbie stays behind to try and distract Junior and Linda and it works, for the most part. She carts Barbie off to jail and warns Jim about what happened. Julia regains consciousness and Angie tells her everything about Barbie’s arrest and what Jim has been saying about him shooting her.

Big Jim: Drunk on power Jim has rallied the town into looking for Barbie, starting with house sweeps. He later goes to the radio station with Dodee and they listen to the military say that they know Jim is in charge and that they saw him kill the reverend. He tries to explain, but Dodee has heard enough and realizes that Barbie might be innocent of Jim’s claims. When she tells him about the mini dome and that it will likely help bring the dome down, he kills her, blows up the radio equipment and sets the place on fire. He then radios it in to Linda and they immediately think it’s Barbie. After finding out about the egg, Jim sets off to Joe’s farm to get the egg, but the kids have moved it to Ben’s house for safety.

Everyone’s in jail: With Joe and Norrie in jail, Jim tries to pump them for information about the egg’s whereabouts, but neither is talking and Norrie tries (unsuccessfully) to stab Jim. Later Barbie watches as Joe and Norrie are taken somewhere by Jim’s goons and he tells Barbie that if he doesn’t publicly confess to the crimes that Jim will make sure that if Julia ever comes out of her coma that she will be charged with hiring him as a hitman to kill her husband for insurance money and also Angie will be charged with being an accessory to his crimes. Barbie agrees and Norrie and Joe are released. So does Barbie go through with his confession? He does… and he pleads not guilty.

Were you surprised that Dodee was killed tonight? Who else do you think is going to die before “Under the Dome” season 1 is over? Leave us a comment and tell us how you think it”s all going to end.

Photo: CBS

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