‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 1 preview: Gemma’s not a fan of a certain word…

The latest -With “Sons of Anarchy” premiering on FX on Tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, we’re now at a time in which we can start to share some welcome sneak peeks of the action that is coming up ahead.

Of course, the video below showcases a much different sort of “action” than what we typically talk about with this show. Basically, Gemma (Katey Sagal) comes up with a pretty unique way to make sure that no one refers to her with the word “ma’am.” Some people like this and feel almost like it is a sign of respect, whereas some others get greatly offended by it. She is clearly very much in the latter group. We won’t spoil just what she does to curtail it, but it’s pretty funny.

This video is one of those that is nice to get, just from the standpoint of smiling and remembering that “Sons of Anarchy” is finally back on television after almost nine months away. However, at the same time it’s not much of a spoiler, and it still gives you plenty of reason to tune in. These little moments of humor help to offset everything else that we see on the show regularly, and there is no one better suited to provide them than Sagal based on her own comedic resume. It is clearly not going to be all fun and games for Gemma all season long on the show, based both on some of her own history as well as what Jax is going to be going through this year as the head of SAMCRO’s table.

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Photo: FX, video via SpoilerTV

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