‘Ink Master’ season 3 rankings: How do Tatu Baby, Jime Litwalk stack up?

Will Jime win? -In seasons past, there have been some pretty clear contenders for the title of “Ink Master”, where very early on we had a sense of who was likely going to take home the prize, but this season has been a little more scattered. There have been some artists that started out strong and began flailing part way through and others who were practically invisible who are now at the top of our “Ink Master” season 3 rankings.

We base our rankings on the full body of work, likeability, judges favoritism as well as TV edit since that usually plays a big role in letting viewers know who the winner is. Let’s take a look at how we ranked the remaining 7 artists so far:

7. Jackie Jennings: She is easily at the bottom of the list (despite the fact that we like her) and are surprised that she is still here over someone like Craig. While he couldn’t do black and grey, Jackie has had an impossible time with anatomy whether it be a design of a person or an animal and this should’ve sunk her long before now.

6. Jason Clay Dunn: He got a bit of a “villain” edit recently when he kicked a hornets nest by giving everyone the worst tattoo challenges possible to sink everyone in the competition. Was it a smart move? Probably, but only if he did it in a much less obvious way. His artistry skills are only so-so and his tattooing skills have fallen short.

5. Joshua Hibbard: He may rub the other artists the wrong way with his “You can all burn in a fire cause I’m walking away with the money” attitude, but when it comes to working with the clients he has a bit of the “Dan Gheesling, Big Brother 14 mist” going on where he can change their minds on design and ink something that he thinks will look better. Most times it pays off, but in recent weeks he’s found himself in the bottom too often for us to put him higher on the list.

4. Tatu Baby: After last week’s “I quit” meltdown at judging we personally think she should be rated number 7 (and should’ve been kicked out last week), but after watching the judges hand hold her back into the competition, we realized that even though her tattoos have only been so-so this season, producers want her to stick around. so expect more of the same.

3. Kyle Dunbar: Kyle is someone that we have loved since the beginning and his work has been improving week to week. Besides being a great artist we want to see him go all the way because we want him to take the money home to his family after losing his house.

2. Jime Litwalk: He has been consistently great all season and although we usually give a lot of crap to new school artists on this show for pushing only one style, Jime has broken that stereotype this season and has shown us that new school artists are willing to do other styles… and do them well.

1. Joey Hamilton: Joey is above Jime this week, but not by much. The two are really neck and neck and it’s really anyone’s game at this point. Joey has been consistent all season as well and has shown that he can do a great range of styles and designs.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch last week’s epic fail episode of “Ink Master” where Tatu Baby quit the show, but was allowed to stay on anyways you can check out our heated review here. Also if you want to check out a preview for Tuesday’s all new episode you can do that here.

Photo: Spike TV

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