ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Another new face in Morgan Holt

The road ahead -The parade of new characters coming onto “Revenge” for season 3 is not over yet. You may already know about Justin Hartley’s character of Patrick (otherwise known as Victoria’s long-forgotten son), and there are some other smaller roles that are going to be popping up over the course of the next several weeks.

The latest one, according to a new report coming in via E! News, is for a woman named Morgan Holt. She is described as an “attractive” but “corrupt” real estate agent, and someone who likely ends up having some sort of relationship with Conrad Grayson. Does anyone want to take any guesses as to how that goes? Given that nobody uses and then tosses people away quite like Conrad, this Morgan woman (no matter just how corrupt she ends up being) is probably going to be in trouble.

Then again, we feel like everyone on “Revenge” this coming season could be doomed to have some pretty bad things happen to them one way or another so long as Conrad is in power. The last sort of thing that you want to see with a guy like him is for him to get into politics, and yet this is precisely what we have ultimately seen unfold. The only thing worse than the idea of him in power is that there is a pretty large contingent of people out there right now who envision him as some sort of bizarre hero thanks to the events of the finale.

Do you have any opinions right now as to this new character, or do you agree that it is impossibly hard to come up with a sort of opinion just on a tiny bit of casting intel? For now, just share your thoughts below, and be sure to click here if you want to read more on how Emily and Jack move forward.

Photo: ABC

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