‘Big Brother 15’ review: McCrae makes the dumbest move ever

The latest -We have been totally excited for tonight’s “Big Brother 15” double eviction (and 500th episode) all week long. Andy playing with both the Exterminators and the McCranda alliance is going to blow up in his face tonight when his sneaky ways are finally exposed tonight… and it’s all thanks for Elissa.

Amanda pitches Elissa: Amanda tells Elissa that she is going up next week and if she keeps her then she will have McCranda and Andy on her side. Also she tells Elissa that once Amanda goes that she will be the biggest target and Elissa decides to go for it. Elissa gives Amanda her wedding ring to show her loyalty. Unfortunately Andy came in during the conversation and realizes that his game is about to get blown up.

1st elimination: With Elissa’s new found alliance with McCranda and Judd voting to keep Spencer, Andy is going to have to choose a side and his allegiance will be exposed to the house. Andy chose to side with the exterminators and he is finally exposed, but this leaves the voting in a tie and GinaMarie was the deciding vote, so of course she sent Amanda packing. As Amanda walked out the door she called Andy out by saying “I thought I could trust you” and she still has Elissa’s wedding ring. Amanda claims that McCrae is moving to Florida and they are going to be living together when this is all over.

1st HOH: This is a physical challenge where they have to run through an obstacle course and dig through grass to find two bones. Whoever brings both bones back first wins. So who is the new HOH? It’s McCrae! GinaMarie immediately tried to get McCrae alone, but Elissa wasn’t having that.

McCrae’s nominations: We were worried that McCrae wasn’t going to heed Amanda’s warning about Andy and he didn’t. He put up GinaMarie and Elissa which is the dumbest move he could’ve made. Why put up your only alliance member after she proved her loyalty to him and Amanda? If Elissa doesn’t win veto, he has no one on his side and he can’t play in the next HOH. worst move ever.

Veto: We are still in shock over McCrae’s incredibly dumb move putting Elissa on the block and when we saw Judd win the veto we knew it was over for Elissa. Judd of course decided to keep the nominations the same and this couldn’t be going any better for the exterminators – they will likely be the final four.

2nd elimination: Shocker Elissa went to jury! Well done McCrae you dumbass. At least Elissa can get her wedding ring back from Amanda in jury house. Elissa thinks that McCrae stabbed Amanda in the back and that Andy actually voted to keep Amanda with Elissa (boy is she wrong!)

Were you surprised by McCrae’s decision to put Elissa on the block? Who are you hoping will win “Big Brother 15”? If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” news including who the new HOH is, just be sure to click here and we will have an update as soon as we can.

Photo: CBS

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