‘Parks and Recreation’ season 6 spoilers; First look at Heidi Klum

Heidi's stopping by -Are you ready for a touch of “Project Runway” / “America’s Got Talent” on “Parks and Recreation“? We hope so, since Heidi Klum is going to be stopping by for a tiny part on the show’s season 6 premiere on Thursday, September 26 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. This is an episode that will see Leslie Knope off in London, where she is seemingly going to have some major jealousy issues.

Klum tells TV Guide that the part is a small, but funny one as the mayor of a town in Denmark who is extremely popular there, to the point where they seriously have a cheese statue carved in her image. Amy Poehler’s character is instantly jealousy of this, as she had to deal with all sorts of craziness this past year including a video-store controversy and people complaining when she tried to actually make them live healthier lives.

There is obviously many reasons why Klum would want to sign on to the show. It broadens her profile and gives her an opportunity to do something different; plus, it also allows some cross-promotion from one NBC show to another. “Parks and Recreation” really needs just about as much help as it can possibly get right now, as you have to remember it will be up against the massive TV beast known as “The Big Bang Theory” for the first time at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’re also admittedly interested in seeing here whether or not all shows are forced into “Community” ratings up against the likes of Sheldon Cooper and company.

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Photo: NBC

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