‘American Idol’ season 13: Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban go for laughs in press conference

The panel -Now, we are pleased to present to you something that should hopefully give you some more faith that the “American Idol” judging panel for this year is not going to be completely and utterly terrible: Video proof that these people do not hate each other!

In the video below, it takes all of about five seconds for Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. to start riffing off of the way that the Australian singer pronounces the word “pianist,” which we suppose is proof that there is going to be some dirty humor sprinkled through the season (or at least as much as there can be in a family show). The guys especially have a great rapport already, and Jennifer Lopez also seems to be getting along with them reasonably well.

As for what may be a sign that not everything is better here, we have some major #HumbleBrag moment from Jennifer Lopez when she alludes to just how busy and amazing she was last year with her world tour, and how she is so busy and amazing this year that she had a hard time fitting the show in her schedule. (When you make over $15 million in a season, we’re pretty sure that you make the rest of your schedule adapt to the show rather than anything else.)

If you want to see even more “American Idol” goodness related to the panel in Boston, it’s a pretty easy thing to do: Just head on over to the link here, where you can see Harry talking about what he wants his style to be this year as a judge. There is no premiere date yet for the new season, but you can probably expect it back come January.

Photo: Fox, video via Associated Press


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