‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 9 preview: Can Tatu Baby bounce back after ‘quitting’ remark?

Tatu BabyLast week many fans of “Ink Master” were completely enraged after Tatu Baby flat out quit the show during the elimination and the judges hand held her back into the competition eliminating Craig instead. We are still shaking our heads at this one, and feel that if someone quits, they should immediately be sent packing. There are other contestants (including Craig) that want this more then someone willing to not only quit the show, but also the fans who voted her back in. There are some other artists in the competition (besides Tatu Baby) that are feeling the pressure to win because of personal issues going on at home like Jackie’s ailing mother, or Kyle losing his house and having no where for him or his family to live. Let’s take a sneak peek into next week’s flash challenge and see if Tatu Baby’s attitude has changed.

The flash challenge (which you can catch a preview of over at Spike TV) will be focusing on consistency and they will be showing off these skills by etching a design into a human skull. While many of the artists were focusing on designs, Tatu Baby chose to do lettering because she felt that since she had such a hard time the week before she needed to take on something more challenging this time around to show that she deserves to be here.

So did they judges like Tatu Baby’s work? Chris Nunez liked what she did, but said that the lettering and style she used didn’t show consistency, but over all it was nice work.  We aren’t exactly sure why she is getting praise if she didn’t complete the challenge requirements, but that seems to be the theme this season when it comes to Tatu Baby. So who won the flash challenge? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out, but Joshua and Jime’s skulls were looking pretty sweet.

If you missed all of the controversy with this week’s episode of “Ink Master” and Tatu Baby trying to quit the show, you can read all about it over here.

Photo: Spike TV

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