‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ season 9 premiere review: The gang broke Dee, and it rocks

The latest -Even though “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” may now be on FXX rather than its longtime staple network, there was one thing that shined brilliantly through the season 9 premiere tonight: This show is still beyond hilarious.

For about two minutes, we started to wonder if “The Gang Broke Dee” was the show jumping the shark, as we started to see the character come close to experiencing real success after she was down in the dumps, and then realized that people liked her new on-stage persona of a terrifying, grotesque woman making random sound effects. They paid off audiences, and even convinced Dee that she was actually going to be on “Conan” to tell some of her jokes there. (As for how they got Conan’s voice to introduce her, that is still very much a mystery.)

The overall point of this mess was simple: Charlie, Mac, and Frank just wanted to give her the passion needed to hate them once again to the fullest, and we reckon that they succeeded with that by reminding us yet again at just how awful they really are. The only part of this story that made it better was that Dennis was not in on the prank at all, and believed until the very end that she was actually getting famous, and he was losing one of the things that he loves the most in complete control over her every move. It was sad, weird, and perfect for this show.

There was also a great use of familiar talent mixed in here. You likely recognized Lavell Crawford from “Breaking Bad” in here, along with Ken Davitian of “Borat” fame as a “talent scout”-turned temporary lover.

It’s hard to really even review this show sometimes, since the basic outline of it dark and offensive comedy. We still are in awe of how nearly a decade in, this remains the same great show that it has always been, and we can’t wait for next week.

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Photo: FXX

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