‘Big Brother 15’ review: Amanda vs McCrae, did either win the veto?

The latest -With McCrae and Amanda finally on the block, the remaining contestants in the “Big Brother 15” house are hoping that neither of them win the veto tonight so that one of the power couple will finally be sent packing, but with so many people hiding their alliances will anyone actually be playing for this veto or will they just hand it over to Amanda and McCrae?

Amanda’s big baby breakdown: At first Amanda was sad, but after a few minutes passed she became irate and wanted answers.  The more she thought about it, she realized that there is a big alliance happening and she almost got it right calling out Spencer, Judd, GinaMarie and Elissa – and she’s mostly right, but of course no one’s talking. Amanda tells GinaMarie that she was never coming after her and that she can’t believe she didn’t put Elissa up since she was the reason Nick and Aaryn went home. When Amanda starts melting down and saying she doesn’t understand her decision and wants to go home, because she’s not getting her way. We have never seen someone on this show in all these years be such a bully and a big baby at the same time.

Andy exposed: He has been walking a thin line this whole game playing every side and when Amanda comes to him to to ask him for help and he starts feeding her lines, it gets real ugly real fast when Elissa overhears. When Andy realizes that Elissa knows his scheme, he knows he needs to be careful.

Veto: Besides GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae we have Elissa, Spencer and Andy playing. Andy and Spencer decide to throw the veto so their alliance isn’t exposed when they have to make a choice to use the veto or not, but by not really competing they are basically handing the veto win to Amanda and McCrae. We’ve still been waiting for the “who wants it the most” veto competition and was hoping it would be tonight, but nope we had a skills competition. Amanda was up three times in a row (with the idea to tire her out) and she’s getting sick, but she’s still owning everyone. Watching houseguests spin 15 times then try to bowl was thoroughly entertaining, but what wasn’t entertaining was watching McCrae win the veto.

Veto ceremony: With McCrae holding onto the veto necklace and taking himself off the block, GinaMarie had to put up a replacement nominee and while Amanda and McCrae hoped that it would be Elissa. The exterminators decided to put up Spencer as a pawn knowing that he wouldn’t go to jury and this makes him the houseguest that has been on the block more times in a single season then anyone in the history of the show.

Were you happy that McCrae won the veto? Were you surprised that Spencer went up again? Leave us a comment and tell us who you think is going home tomorrow night. Looking for more “Big Brother 15” news? Click here for highlights from the live feed.

Photo: CBS

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