‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Shonda Rhimes on ‘challenging times’ for April, Jackson

What's next? -We know that the common sentiment for “Grey’s Anatomy” fans is that Jackson is the one guy that April should be with, but this does not mean that the premiere on September 26 is going to start with Sarah Drew’s character suddenly deciding that she has made all of the wrong decisions in her current relationship and needs to ditch it immediately. This is a complicated show with many mysteries ahead, and what happens with these two is going to be rather complicated as well.

Shonda Rhimes confirms what we already assumed here in an interview with TVLine, laying out that both April and Jackson are both in separate relationships while trying to gauge their feelings for each other; thanks to that, the probability of someone getting their heart smashed into a million pieces is probably going to be rather high:

“They’ve definitely got some challenging times ahead. She’s engaged to [Matt], and he’s with [Stephanie]. And it’s not as if they’re behaving in the most mature manner about this.”

April and Jackson’s journey was one of the more interesting parts of season 9, since the two genuinely looked like they were going to make it until one simple move on her part sent things down a different path: She looked suddenly less than enthused about leaping into a future with him when she realized that she was not pregnant with his child. Since that point, new relationships has surfaced, even though they still feel lacking in terms of the emotional complexity we had here with these two.

In terms of babies that actually¬†do¬†exist within the world of “Grey’s Anatomy,” click here. That is where you can take a first look at the latest edition to the Grey – Shepherd family in little Bailey, who will first turn up in the premiere.

Photo: ABC

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