‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 8 review: Tatu Baby threatens to quit, should she be eliminated?

Tatu BabyWe are going to start off tonight’s review of “Ink Master” season 3 by saying that we were completely shocked and disappointed with the judging tonight. Seeing how hard they’ve been on people this season, we expect a person that threatens to quit  the game to get eliminated based solely on the fact that they don’t want to be there.

The flash challenge: The artists were paired up by Joey and were tested on proportions as they had to tattoo each other (with a design of their choice). Tatu Baby claimed she wanted Joshua, but he said he’d rather not because he thinks her skills are lacking. Luckily for Joshua he got partnered up with his new bestie Kyle and the pair were total bosses on this challenge and not only won best tattoos but also a trip to Germany.

The elimination tattoo: Artists from season 2 returned to as the human canvases for tonight’s pinup/proportions challenge and we were totally excited to see Clint Cummings who we loved last season and Sarah Miller who is our hands down favorite artist out of all three seasons of this competition back on the show. If you were hoping to see Tatu Baby paired up with Sarah, you’ll be disappointed and knew deep down that there’s no way that was going to happen. Kyle ended up with Sarah and just as we expected she hated his design, drew her own tattoo and even guided him on exactly how she wanted it done. Love her.

Elimination: For the most part the judges were pretty happy with the tattoos and named Jime the winner, but Joshua, Tatu Baby and Craig landed themselves in the bottom 3 with Joshua once again being voted the worst by the human canvases. This was especially bad for Joshua this week since the human canvases were also tattoo artists and we saw Joshua break down tonight and show a more vulnerable side. Craig ended up going home because he just can’t do black and grey work, but when Tatu Baby straight up said she wanted to quit we expected her to be sent home immediately, but this didn’t happen.

If there’s one thing that bothers us more then anything else it’s people that go into a reality show competition and then say they want to quit. We understand if someone is injured, or someone dies and they need to leave, we’re not total jerkbags here, but we are of the belief that if someone says they want to quit and they don’t want to be there then they should be sent home, because everyone else left in the competition is fighting hard to be there. Look at Joshua Hibbard – The guy has been public enemy number one for everyone in the loft since day one, but he’s still there fighting hard and not quitting. Not only were we completely disappointed that Tatu Baby would threaten to quit, but because this is her second time around, she knows the stresses that come with this competition since this is not her first time in the ring.  Also America voted her back in! Why the judges didn’t just sent her packing tonight after threatening to quit is beyond us and as a viewer we want to see people competing that actually want to be there and now we know that Tatu Baby’s heart is not entirely in this competition, where someone like Kyle who just had his house foreclosed and his family is out on the street is still there fighting tooth and nail for the cash. We all have personal issues, but when an opportunity like this is given to you, not only once but twice and by the voting public, it really rubs us the wrong way to hear someone say they are quitting on us when we never quit on them.

Do you think Tatu Baby should’ve gone home tonight on “Ink Master” season 3 or was Craig the right person to leave? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think. If you missed last week’s episode and want to catch up, you can do that here.

Photo: Spike TV

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