ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ episode 12 review: Savannah and Dominic go on a date

Did their date go well? -Last week on “Mistresses” we saw Savannah admit that she has feelings for Dominic and now that she feels Harry has given up on her she decides to move on. So has she?

Karen: At the hearing against Karen the judge dismisses the case calling the lawsuit frivolous and we are kind of surprised that after such a huge build up to this moment after 11 episodes that this was so anti-climactic. Just when Karen thinks she’s in the clear she gets a visit from the state licensing board saying that her license is suspended for 6 months because of her relationship with a patient and the drugs she prescribed to him. She thinks that Elizabeth is the one that called the board on her, but it turns out that it was her business partner Jacob. He says he understands the drugs to some degree, but not sleeping with a patient and then lying to him for months about it, and with that he ends their partnership.

Savannah: She gets a call from Jeff (the co-owner of Harry’s restaurant) asking her for a decision on if they should close down the restaurant or not. After sitting down with Jeff and hearing all the details, she informs him that Harry and her have split and that they will have to find the money some place else or shut it down. When Dominic learns that he’s made partner at the firm, Savannah suggests that they celebrate and he’s excited for the chance to spend time with her. So how did their date go?  There’s definitely chemistry there, but after kissing him she realizes that she’s not ready to move on from Harry just yet.

April: She is completely freaking out about Lucy going missing and is driving around with Paul looking for her, but with no luck she heads home. She gets a call from the police saying that they found her after she jumped a bus to try and see a concert. Lucy tells April that while she likes Richard, she misses their old family and isn’t ready for things moving as fast as she feels they are. April has been spending a lot of time with Paul and it’s pretty obvious that Richard is starting to feel a little weird about it. What’s even more crazy about this situation is that Paul wants to be with April again and fix their family. Is she going to fall for this disaster? He kisses her and we are left shaking our heads about where her story is going.

Josslyn: Alex is still blaming her for throwing away their relationship for a fling with her boss and Josslyn is completely devastated. Things get even more ugly when Oliver tells her that he’s leaving the country the next day and even though she didn’t want it to turn into a relationship, she is furious that he knew he was leaving in 48 hours and didn’t tell her before she decided to throw away her relationship with Alex. Of course it’s difficult to feel sorry for Josslyn since she is a grown woman and made this decision all on her own, but she feels sorry for herself and goes to Harry’s restaurant (the bar) and gets drunk with a strange man. When things start to get sexual in the bathroom, she decides to put the brakes on it, but the man won’t stop and Harry comes to the rescue. The next day Josslyn wakes up at her place with harry sleeping on the couch watching over her and when she goes to the bathroom he sees the closed envelop containing the paternity test and he takes it. Continuing on her road of irrational decision making, Josslyn decides to quit her job when she hears that Oliver named her the new manager. When Alex and Josslyn finally talk she tells Alex that she knew she’d never be a lesbian, but that she knew she couldn’t live without her.

Were you surprised to see Karen get her license suspended or do you think something worse should’ve happened to her? Do you want to see Harry get back together with Savannah or do you like her with Dominic? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “Mistresses”.

Photo: ABC

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