Comedy Central Roast of James Franco: One final clip with Sarah Silverman, Jonah Hill

Comedy Central -Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time, what we believe to be the main event of Labor Day will finally arrive on television: The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. As a longtime roast fanatic, we’ve been looking forward to this immensely; however, we would also be lying if we said that we were 120% confident that this was going to be one of the best roasts that the show has ever done.

Maybe we just haven’t gotten to the good jokes yet, and Comedy Central is saving their best for the show, but aren’t some of these previews a little bit tame? Take, for example, the video below, where Sarah Silverman makes some predictably-funny jabs at Jonah Hill for being fat, which is kind of like going at Jeff Ross for being fat. Everyone does it, and there’s nothing altogether surprising about it.

One of the other major unknowns right now as to the brutality of this roast is simply the lack of experienced people save for Ross. There is no Lisa Lampanelli anymore, Greg Giraldo has passed on, and for whatever reason even Anthony Jeselnik was apparently too busy to do this one (which is surprising, given that most of his past roasts have featured him getting roasted for having no life and depending on these things for food).

This roast is ultimately, regardless of reviews, going to kick-start a very important week for Comedy Central. We’re also about to witness the first show back from Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” starting up on Tuesday, so stay tuned for more from that.

If you want to watch more clips from tonight’s roast, click here, and we will have more available soon.

Photo: Comedy Central

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