Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, and the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ rumors are finally over

What's up next? -Take a deep breath, Planet Earth: The most convoluted casting process of the year is finally over.

Now that the news is official, and that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson have been cast to play the lead roles in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” we can sit back and take one final look at some of the other TV stars that the press salivated over the past several weeks to the point of doing dozens of stories about them a month. The worst offenders? Those who would shoehorn these names into stories with the movie title in here as a desperate cry for attention when the actors were merely shopping or eating a sandwich. Only the studio knows how serious some of the talks were when it comes to some of these names and the project, but these are the people that were once front and center to get the Christian Grey role.

Matt Bomer – The “White Collar” star was trending on Twitter this afternoon, a sign that there were more than just a few people out there hoping to see him in the part.

Alexander Skarsgard – He’s tall, blonde, and clearly has no problem taking his clothes off. We do wonder, though, if Alex was actually too tall for the role, and it would make some of the scenes awkward unless they found a 5’11” actress for the Anastasia part.

Ian Somerhalder – At one point, Ian campaigned publicly for the role, only to later back off when some fans started going crazy about it. We know that there was at least one point mutual interest.

Stephen Amell – Stephen admitted during a panel we were at recently that he talked about the part with the studio, but later decided that he did not want to pursue it after having read the books.

Strangely, there were not nearly as many rumors out there about the Anastasia role, though Nina Dobrev got some attention just because she was dating Somerhalder until earlier this year.

Do you think that any one of these TV stars would have made a better choice? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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