‘Under the Dome’ episode 11 preview: Why is Junior bailing on the plan?

What's next? -With the four hands together on “Under the Dome,” there seems to be some sort of hope for the future. Nobody really knows what the pink stars are or what this mini-dome really wants anyone to do, but there is one thing that we can say with some certainty: If the residents of Chester’s Mill are going to figure this out, they will need to work together (the chosen ones anyway).

Unfortunately, it feels like there are some major hurdles now standing in the way of that happening; and by “major hurdles,” we mean Junior. All he wants in the world is for Angie to love him, but the problem is that he has literally no understanding of how that is going to work. Love is always better, for example, when you don’t try to make someone fall for you via Stockholm Syndrome. That only happens occasionally.

So Angie makes it clear to him in the video below that once the dome is lifted, she’s going to go far away and will never see him again. His response? That he is not going to help the town then, since he would rather be trapped under a dome with the rest of the town until he dies over being without her in his life. If he wasn’t such a creepy guy, that sentiment would be rather sweet. As it is, though, it just puts Angie in a terrible position where she has to play nice with him if she ever wants to get him to lend his hand (literally) to the cause.

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Photo: CBS

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