‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Take a look at new international promos!

The Walking Dead -Want to see some more footage from “The Walking Dead” season 4? Well, in this instance, you are going to have to look halfway around the world in order to do so.

These promos come to us courtesy of Taiwan of all places, and while there is not really too much when it comes to brand-new information teased in them, we still like to think of them as rather nice additions to the canon of video footage that is already out there. In them we noticed a few things:

1. While the prison may be more of a home now than it ever was before on the show, it is hardly going to feel comfortable. The walkers are out there, and they are as dangerous as ever.

2. Daryl Dixon is still all sorts of awesome.

3. There is yet another Glenn and Maggie love scene, and we’re surprised that they can even find a way to stay safe given their current surroundings.

4. Did we mention more zombies?

5. Plenty of gunfire, and reasons to be afraid. While there are no extended clips, there are enough little snippets in here to be excited.

This new season premieres on Sunday, October 13, and one of the things that we are more interested to see at this point is the first appearance of The Governor. He will be around for two episodes in the fall, and they will be largely standalone episodes that give you a greater sense of his story.

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Photo: AMC

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