‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Judd and Elissa’s new strategy talk

The latest -Almost immediately after he came back into the “Big Brother 15” game, Judd was quick to form a bond with someone in power, and ironically someone that he did not even hug on his way out the door, in Elissa. Where do these two stand now? That’s something that we have been curious about given his new allegiance with the Exterminators. We don’t feel as though he wants to put her on the block, though he probably would vote to get rid of her if he had to. (It’s almost the same sort of situation that GinaMarie felt this week.)

As for where these two stand now, Judd hasn’t told her about the alliance; but, he is planning to make a good argument to McCrae to keep him on his side. Specifically, he wants to say that they can become a pair, and that Elissa / GinaMarie and Spencer / Andy have already paired off. Given that McCrae will have no one coming after him after Amanda leaves the game, this could actually work in getting him an ally. (Plus, it’s far better than that stupid plan to try and get McCrae to Veto Amanda.)

As for the intent behind it, this is where Julissa (if you want to call them that) are spinning their wheels. McCrae is not going to try as hard to win the next Head of Household because he thinks he has an ally, which is the intent of this. He’s going to go all out to win power Thursday, and there is a part of us that almost expects him to win it. Thanks to that, Judd and Elissa will likely go on the block, and unless she wins the Power of Veto, her days in the house are numbered. The big thing that Judd should try to do is work with McCrae enough so that GinaMarie would become his target over him, which could happen thanks to what’s happened this week.

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Photo: CBS

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