‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy in a tutu and people thinking way too much

The latest -One of the worst things that you can be guilty of in the “Big Brother 15” game is thinking far too much, and really speaking out when you don’t need to. There’s a little bit of that going on now moving into Sunday, and it comes as a result of people mostly being bored and doing things that they would not otherwise do.

For one example of that, Judd is still talking about his crazy scheme to try and get McCrae to use the Veto on Amanda, just so that he can be voted out of the game instead. It’s something that holds no real benefit to him, given that there is about a 0% chance that we are going to actually see him do this. The only thing he’s going to get out of this is set an even bigger target on himself so that if McCrae wins Head of Household next week, he may target Judd even over Elissa. Not the best thing for Judd to do at a time when it is better to lay low.

Amanda is also overthinking, but she has a good reason for it: She’s on the block, and will likely go home. Her pitches to get rid of Elissa in her mind make sense, given that she has no real other option that she can see for herself.

The real highlights of last night were mostly silly rather the strategic. There was an extended card game that brought plenty of laughs, including Andy being forced to wear a tutu as a result of losing miserably. The chicken costume era also reached its end, as both Judd and Spencer got a chance to go back to living their reality TV lives like normal people (if you can call them normal).

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Photo: CBS

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