‘Warehouse 13’ season 5: Assorted details on the final episodes

More news -At the time in which Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti, and Aaron Ashmore arrived in Fan Expo for a “Warehouse 13” panel discussion, they were all in the process of wrapping up shooting on the beloved Syfy series. While we are sure that all of them would have liked to see the show last for a little while longer, at least they were given an opportunity unlike another show (rest in peace, “Alphas”) to really end in a way that does not feel too rushed.

If you are wanting super-specific spoilers from the last few episodes of the show, you’re not going to get them here. However, we were able to gain a few general impressions from the final episodes while we were at the panel.

1. Much attention is given within these episodes to provide fan service, answering many questions fans have and giving an ending that provides almost everything you want. The writers have been listening, and coming up with some great, interesting stories.

2. One particularly notable episode coming up will feature an artifact that literally splits people into multiple sides of their personality, which Allison claimed was extremely entertaining to watch when it came to Aaron. (There are someĀ greatĀ Steve Jinks scenes coming.)

3. McClintock told a story about how thrilled he was to be able to play a guy in Pete who was a “full person,” and how you can expect everything in these final episodes, whether it be emotional moments, times that you are going to want to laugh, and some moments where the needle points somewhere in between.

4. If you love the Claudia character, there are some extremely interesting things coming in the final episodes involving her and the warehouse.

5. Considering that this panel happened a few hours before the VMA, where a particularly questionable role model in Miley Cyrus twerked all over the place, it was almost prophetic how Allison said that she loves that she has been able to provide a different sort of role model with the Claudia character.

The new season of “Warehouse 13” will premiere on Syfy and on Showcase in Canada. If you want to read some other highlights from this year’s Fan Expo event, our advice to you is to just check out the story over at the link here.

Photo: Syfy

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