‘Top Chef Masters: Battle of the Sous Chefs’: Is Jennifer Jasinski, Sue Zemanick returning?

Top Chef Masters -In a dramatic “twist” that really amounted to Bravo wanting more people to watch their “Top Chef Masters: Battle of the Sous Chefs” web series, the network decided on Wednesday night’s episode of the actual show to eliminate Sue Zemanick and Jennifer Jasinski, and then force them to duke it out online in order for one to return to the competition.

If we didn’t have fast internet, we’d hate this, but it’s hard to complain about getting some more content to watch from a practical standpoint. What we will complain about is this: We spent all of this extra time going online and sitting through a commercial for what was effective a really boring competition.

In theory, it could have been awesome: Making a dish using some sort of creature found at the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, both Sue and Jennifer each chose catfish, which was one of the least-risky food items that was in the kitchen for them to choose from, and also the most familiar to viewers at home. (Catfish is one of our favorites!)

Then, to make matters even more insane, Bravo decided to not even show us who the winner was, instead forcing us to wait until Wednesday night’s new episode. These “to be continued” episodes are consistently infuriating, mostly because they serve as an insult to our intelligence. If we are more than six weeks into a competition, do you really think that this is going to convince us to watch more than we would if you just showed the result? It leaves an annoying aftertaste, whereas to put it in food terms, a more cut-and-dry ending would be cleansing.

You can watch the full episode below, provided that you are located in America. If you do want to read some more news in regards to “Top Chef Masters,” whether it be via episode reviews or more episodes of the “Battle of the Sous Chefs,” just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Bravo

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