‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda and McCrae in trouble; the chicken suit reveal

The latest -Now that you’ve had some time to digest tonight’s episode of “Big Brother 15,” how are you feeling about it? Do you still think that Aaryn’s eviction was glorious? While we’re sure that it was awful to be shamed like that on live television and forced to sit there, Julie Chen wouldn’t have done it if she was a nice person. Therefore, it’s hard to have sympathy with some people online who say that they feel bad for her. She brought it on herself. Moving on…

With GinaMarie now in power as the new Head of Household, she thankfully wasted very little time at all by talking with her real allies in Judd and Andy, and confirming that we are going to see both Amanda and McCrae on the block tomorrow. What seems to be making this even more entertaining is that she plans on doing it as a blindside.

This is an interesting position to be in, in that we don’t like GinaMarie and abhor some of the things that she’s said, but from a game perspective, we applaud the move to basically guarantee that one of them goes to jury this week. It’s also smart to keep Elissa for now, given that you can turn her into a potential jury vote since she is such a wild card.

While all of this is happening, our favorite moment of the night came when GinaMarie signaled to the camera that Amanda was going up after a conversation with her, one where she campaigned to the HoH to put up Elissa and Judd, and said she would be willing to be a pawn as a replacement nominee if need be.

ChickenIn other news, the chicken costumes were revealed a little bit later in the night, and they were just about as glorious as you would hope for them to be. Spencer and Judd each wore them with a relative amount of pride, though Judd looks like someone told him Easter was canceled in this snap from the feeds.

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Photo: CBS

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