‘Big Brother 15’ review: The Aaryn Gries – Julie Chen faceoff; Head of Household competition

The latest -We’re wondering whether or not “Big Brother 15” did not have enough footage tonight, given that there really was not much in the first half-hour that was related to this season. Then again, we’d rather watch Dani Donato and Dominic than Amanda and McCrae any day of the week. Heck, it even made us not that upset over yet another Big Jeff interview, who may be so overplayed at this point that he may as well live in the house year round. (Also, Dan Gheesling! Hooray!)

But let’s be honest: The only thing that you were really interested in seeing whether or not Julie Chen laid the verbal smackdown all over Aaryn. This was the main event, like a wrestling pay-per-view. Was it everything that we hoped it would be and then some? Definitely.

Aaryn basically got a Mortal Kombat finishing move to the face during this interview with Julie, as she literally acted on live TV like she never said “go make some rice” … even though she clearly said it. She also tried to blame most of her comments on being Texan, which is a terrible representation of a state that is not like that in the slightest (take it from someone who is Texan), and she should never be allowed therefore to eat barbecue or pecan pie again. She was booed by the audience, laughed at, and was given a huge rude awakening as to what she’s facing outside of the game. Aaryn is off somewhere now knowing that her entire life is in shambles. Easily, this was the most notable exit interview in the history of the show.

Also, bonus points to Julie for the humor this week, mocking Spencer for not being on the block; she also more or less tried to shame Amanda without saying it in so many words. Julie has really done a good job this season, acting as host while interjecting a little more finesse and moral authority than usual. This is not an easy mess to be a part of, but Julie is a total boss in our mind.

What was especially weird about this episode was the quick transition from the Aaryn interview into the Head of Household Competition, and the weird noises and the chicken suit punishment. Yet, the game goes on, and we’re going to have updates in a separate article. (Click here to follow along and refresh!)

What did you think about this episode? If you want to take a look at some more news from the show’s live feed, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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