‘Top Chef Masters’ review: ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ meets David Burke

Top Chef Masters -Only on “Top Chef Masters” can you have a challenge featuring a children’s show in “Yo Gabba Gabba” while showing David Burke swearing in the confessional room. While we know that he’s super-busy with a restaurant empire, we would watch a show that featured him yakking at us for an hour. Entertainment gold.

The idea of seeing Douglas Keane winning a challenge where he tries to act suave in front of Mindy Kaling? Also hilarious. The quickfire was really good this week, and a fun choice on movies that seemed to tick off some of the other chefs, given that Douglas basically won with caviar and scrambled eggs. (It did look really tasty, to be fair.)

Now, we go back to the “Yo Gabba Gabba” challenge, because nothing is more entertaining than watching chefs with huge egos deal with children that don’t like their food. Douglas literally stumbled himself into a solid dish by making something that no one in their right mind would want: Eggplant jelly. Strangely, it went over okay. Neal Fraser won, but given that he has a kid and made a smart pasta, this was hardly a surprise.

With a double-elimination, David really has his sous chef to thank for keeping in the game. Sue Zemanick, Jennifer Jasinski, and Bryan Voltaggio all struggled, and to us the latter was the biggest disappointment. He had a really good-looking dish made up of beets, but his continued arrogance at the judges’ table that all the kids were wrong and his kid would like it was a major put-off. This may be his first time in serious trouble, but sometimes once is really enough. Personally, we would have sent home him and Jennifer, since Sue at least had some nice components to her macaroni and cheese.

We’re guessing that Bryan was saved because of his past performance, and we are startled to see him stay. We’ve been a fan of his since the very beginning of “Top Chef,” but we prefer our chefs humble and not so defensive. The good news for Sue and Jennifer is that Bravo wants people to desperately watch their videos online, and they will compete on “Battle of the Sous Chefs” for a chance to re-enter the game. One stays, and one goes.

Who are you rooting for? If you want to take a look at some more “Top Chef Masters” coverage, be sure to click here.

Photo: Bravo

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