NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: Darkness comes in many forms

The latest -During the first season of “Revolution,” we had a story that was both small and large in scope at the same time. While there were some elements of the story that were easy to understand, in between finding out about the blackout and seeing what Charlie’s day-to-day life was like in this new society, there was still so much more of the world that we never really had much of an opportunity to see at all. It was almost like we were living partially in a new universe, but still had our finger on the pulse of the past.

Some of that feeling is going to very much change when the NBC show returns come Wednesday, September 26 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. As executive producer Eric Kripke reveals to TVLine, one of the interesting situations that the characters will find themselves in is seeing more of the darker part of this new world than they have had a chance to see:

“We wanted to explore more of our world – What does gambling look like? What do hookers look like? What does shadier nightlife look like? – and explore some of those corners.”

The analogy that we like to create in our mind for this is meeting the “Revolution” version of the cantina from “Star  Wars,” except with probably not the same sort of cool creature band making up the background. This should be a very interesting story to watch unfold, as the entire cast has been working at a new location in Austin this year, and it should feel in some ways like a reboot even though there was some significant movement in the finale.

Also, be prepared for some guest stars! Click here if you do want to read some more news about who Kripke is bringing over from another one of his shows in “Supernatural.”

Photo: NBC

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