‘Ink Master’ season 3, episode 8 preview: Sarah Miller, Clint Cummings return

Sarah Miller is coming back -Things are really starting to heat up on “Ink Master” season 3 as some of the final 8 artists have become cutthroat with their challenge win advantages. Will we see more of that coming up in the next few weeks?

Next week the flash challenge will have the contestants being tested on proportion. Dave Navarro informs the artists that “brotherhood” and “bonding” is going to play a major role this week and Joshua will be fairly worried since he hasn’t bonded with anyone (except Kyle and you can read more about that unexpected friendship here).

When it is reveled that they will be tattooing their designs on each other, Tatu Baby says that she wants to work with Joshua, but he says he would rather forfeit then wear her tattoo, because he doesn’t think her skills are up to par. Ouch! Unfortunately for Joshua he doesn’t get to choose the pairs, Joey does and Joshua ends up with Kyle (which is kinda nice now that they get along well). Although the new previews for the flash challenge (over at Spike TV) did not reveal who won, it’s pretty clear who was at the top of the pack.

Outside of the flash challenge, the elimination tattoo is the one we are most excited to see this season, because the human canvases that will be getting tattooed will be contestants from previous seasons of “Ink Master”, so we will be seeing people like the totally hilarious Clint Cummings back on the show and our absolute favorite from season 2, Sarah Miller.

If you haven’t had a chance to see this week’s episode of “Ink Master” season 3 and you want to know who got eliminated from the competition, just click here for a full review.

Photo: Spike TV

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