‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: GinaMarie calls Sandy Hook conspiracy; Amanda rumor

The latest -Somehow, GinaMarie Zimmerman found a way tonight in the “Big Brother 15” house to come across as even more awful and moronic, and we don’t use the latter word lightly because the last thing we ever want to do is coming across as some troll who puts intelligence on a pedestal. But to not only say that Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, and other tragedies were conspiracies set up by the government to promote a gun control agenda, and to say it knowing that people are watching you? That is just so idiotic, hurtful, and offensive that if we were in the house we would drag them to the door and throw them out ourselves, even if it gets us disqualified.

Just how awful was this whole conversation that she had with Spencer (who also bought into some of it)? Amanda of all people told her after the fact to watch what she says on the live feeds. Amanda, social justice worker strikes again! These sorts of things transcend a game, and we just wonder what possesses someone to have such insane and horrible beliefs.

This just seems to be a crazy day for bizarre happenings, since there’s also some sort of crazy rumor going around courtesy of some guy named Stephen Fox, who went online claiming to be in the know about Amanda leaving courtesy of his brother-in-law, who works at NBC, knowing someone at CBS. This “rumor” is that Amanda has been told that she is leaving the game on Thursday, and if she says anything about it to anyone, she will miss out on an opportunity to save face on the live show.

Is this really true? Doubt it. For one, the account of the person who posted it is gone, and CBS wouldn’t care about giving someone an opportunity. If they wanted Amanda out for some of the awful things she said, she would be gone. Amanda will get what’s coming to her after the game is over, just like all of the other people who have rubbed America the wrong way. We believe this just as much as the rumor that Amanda is friends with Allison Grodner and the season is rigged for her.

If you do want to see some more updates from the “Big Brother” live feeds, you can see them over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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