‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The Moving Company 2.0? Plus, Aaryn complains

The latest -The moment that the guys started to realize that they were going to be outnumbering the women in the “Big Brother 15” house come Thursday night, you had to figure that the guys would at least be talking about a new alliance.

Therefore, this afternoon we had conversations about McCrae, Spencer, and Andy all teaming up, and even bringing Judd in for the ride. Did these people forget that they got rid of Judd already? It seems like it, given that almost everyone save for Amanda has basically offered Judd a new deal at this point.

But ultimately, there is really not much to make of the idea of a Moving Company 2.0. The only reason that Andy and Spencer are going along with this is that they know that Judd and GinaMarie are with them in their new group the Exterminators, and they plan on getting rid of McCrae around the same time that Elissa and Amanda leave the game. (He may be the last of the three to leave, but still.)

Elsewhere tonight, we had more speculation about Pandora’s Box (which is surely not coming this late in the week), and Aaryn complaining relentlessly about not getting a baseball jersey from the Head of Household Competition when everyone was getting an opportunity to take photos. Apparently, there is seriously nothing else for her to whine about. Oh, in two days at this time, we may see the most epic Julie Chen smackdown ever. Stay tuned.

What do you think about the idea of the guys teaming up? If you want to check out some more highlights from today on the feeds, be sure to as always click here. We’ll have some more news once it officially comes online.

Photo: CBS

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