‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: Boss on scenes for Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff

Jax -Actors on “Sons of Anarchy” are never really lacking when it comes to great material to work with, and the upcoming first few episodes of season 6 are not going to be any real exception. As a matter of fact, the sheer volume of what these characters have gone through could allow for some of the meatiest, strongest material out of anything that has been featured on the show so far.

In the context of Jax Teller and an incarcerated Tara, the trouble for them begins early this season in what Jax doesn’t do. According to TVLine, his efforts to see Tara in prison early on in season 6 will be unsuccessful, and when he does creator Kurt Sutter says to expect a “deep sense of sadness” as they struggle to really figure out where to go from here:

“They’ve been through so much already, and how many more times can you say, ‘I’m sorry?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’s going to get better?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’ll change?’ It’s almost like there’s a certain amount of resignation that they both are aware of.”

We wonder if this “resignation” is almost an unspoken feeling of “things aren’t going to get better, so this is just life.” If this is the case, we would not be surprised to see Tara try to flee from this world again if she is ever freed, but will she still have the confidence within herself to do so? Unfortunately, we have learned on this show over the years that terrible things happen behind bars. Just look at a myriad of events from last season if you want more evidence of this.

Now, the other question is whether or not we are meant to root for either one of them to improve upon their predicament. There’s a difference between being compelled to watch a character like Jax, and then wanting them to be rewarded for their actions. Given the path that he has been on since even before becoming the head of SAMCRO’s table, it was clear that his journey was heading in a dark and potentially-terrifying direction.

On a slightly less depressing note, the “Sons of Anarchy” aftershow is confirmed! Read more about it here, and also check out some more scoop from Ron Perlman following our time spent at his Fan Expo panel over the weekend.

Photo: FX

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