‘The Bridge’ episode 8 preview: Will Diane Kruger’s Sonya track down the killer?

The Bridge -On last week’s episode of “The Bridge,” there were a few moments where we felt like the madness was finally going to be over. After a heated standoff, a “killer” was finally taken down thanks to Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz. The problem? As Sonya herself theorized, this killer was not the killer. He was too demented and delusional, and based on everything that we have heard about the real killer so far, we know that this is a man who is far more deliberate.

Luckily, the promo for tomorrow night’s “Vendetta” suggests that Diane Kruger’s character and the rest of the El Paso Police Department are going to finally figure out just who the killer really is. The suspicion for the time being is that it is someone within the department itself, given that they do have so much information.

But who could it be? While we are pretty willing to write off Sonya, Marco, and Hank, but the killer having an accomplice (as showed off last week) does open the door for all sorts of demented possibilities. It means that they may have been able to appear innocent while this other person carried out their duties behind the scenes. It is certainly helps with a perfect alibi, but it still does not answer the question as to why anyone would be motivated to pull off something as horrible as this?

Personally, we are hoping that whoever it is has some sort of connection to Charlotte, that way we do not feel as though we are wasting our time with a pretty unlikable widow and her new boyfriend looking to take after the border.

Who is your current killer prediction? Be sure to share below! We’ve been all about this excellent show ever since its premiere, and you can click here if you want to read more news, including episode reviews and more.

Photo: FX

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