ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: Lisa Edelstein will work with Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion

The latest -Ready for more “Castle” season 6 scoop? Now that we are less than a month away from seeing the show return to ABC with all-new episodes, we can at least finally confirm that the presence of Lisa Edelstein is going to be something more than just as a foil to Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett as she decides whether or not she is going to take off to Washington DC to begin the next phase of her career there.

While we have heard a few assorted quotes here and there about this character already, the following quote via executive producer Andrew Marlowe’s interview with Give Me My Remote really works effectively to put it all in perspective:

“Lisa comes in as a top-notch federal investigator that has a very strong impact on Beckett’s decision-making about what she ultimately does in terms of her job and the job opportunity in DC. And it’s really fun watching her interact with Beckett…and with Castle. Taking kind of a fresh [view] of Castle we haven’t seen in a while, and certainly not since Gates came into the picture — this guy who is always poking into things. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

We know that she is going to be around for more than one episode, and the energy that comes with her could be seeing her around Castle more than Beckett. This is a guy who has formed a relative level of comfort with everyone, but she is not someone who is really going to be intimidated by him at all. Seeing if that impacts what Castle thinks about Beckett possibly leaving could be interesting.

In case you want to see even more proof of “Castle” fans’ devotion to their show, just take a look at Twitter. Today, the hashtag #OMGYouAreProposing became a worldwide trending topic briefly, with most of the people tweeting it being Caskett shippers talking about the big moment happening on ABC next month.

Take a look here if you want to read more “Castle” season 6 news, including a new promo from ABC that really teases the question as to whether or not the proposal will happen.

Photo: ABC

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