‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ castaway spotlight: Aras Baskauskas

He's back -Anytime you see a “Survivor” champion making their way back into the ring, it’s always exciting … especially when it is someone like Aras Baskauskas. He is not a player we were certain would ever play again; we loved his first season in “Exile Island” and felt like it is sorely underrated, but he never was some giant character. He’s more of a nice guy who did well in challenges, and simply played smart to ensure that he made it to the end and easily beat Danielle.

So what will happen to him on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water“? As you are about to see, we’re expecting very good things again from him. The only thing that he really has going against him are those dreadful swim trunks.

Name – Aras Baskauskas, 31 years old from Santa Monica, California; here with brother Vytas

Occupation – Musician (we’ve posted one of his music videos below along with his CBS interview with Vytas)

Claim to Fame – Winning the game, and really proving to be successful as a strong male player who somehow managed to win challenges, but also come across as not the biggest threat on his tribe. He won “Exile Island” with restraint and control.

Strengths– There’s a lot the guy has going for him. He’s physical, knows the game extremely well, and knows when to lead and when to delegate. He is not the sort of person that you would ever want to take out early, mostly because he can help you at camp and in the challenges. Even after the merge, he’s someone who brings so much positive energy to those around him.

Weaknesses – There are no major ones, but we would say that he could have trouble if the game gets really dark and/or evil, and he may also have trouble with the target that comes with being a former winner. He also has to distance himself from his brother, given that two physically-strong young guys working together may as well make him a part of a new Three Amigos.

Prediction – It’s always risky to say this about a former winner, but we really think that Aras can win again. He’s not such a notorious personality that he will be a target right away, and he’s more than just a physical threat: He’s also really smart. The best thing that could help him would be to actually see his brother leave earlier, and then he could find a new Terry-like physical player (Tyson or Brad) and use one of them to help ensure he makes it far.

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Photo: CBS

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