‘Pretty Little Liars’ summer finale spoilers: Sasha Pieterse promises answers to Ali, CeCe Drake

What's next -For those of you pounding your head against a wall hoping for answers in regards to the “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale, stop it. For one, you’re going to give yourself a concussion. Plus, there are some serious answers on the way.

During the course of this hour-long episode to cap this half of season 4, you are going to start to understand quite a few things … especially when it comes to a certain CeCe Drake. Is she really some nefarious woman dressed as “Red Coat,” or is she operating out of her own sense of fear? Speaking to E! News, Sasha Pieterse promises some backstory when it comes to CeCe and her own character of Alison DiLaurentis, including why the two act as strange as they did sometimes:

“You’ll definitely find out more about that in the nature of Cece and whether she’s good or bad and kind of what’s behind her and what’s making her tick. Is she behind it all? Is she being controlled by someone? You’ll definitely know very soon what is going on which is pretty spectacular.”

As for the question as to whether or not Ali is actually alive, if there is some sort of secret twin, or something completely different and unexpected, Pieterse promises that answers are going to be coming courtesy of the upcoming Halloween special:

“You will get suspicions, if you will. A peak in the summer finale, but you will find out for sure in the Halloween episode. You find out if Alison is alive or dead and I think that is going to be a really cool thing for me and a really big treat, so I’m excited to see what the fans think of that episode.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale is one that will set the stage for the Halloween episode, but also something else very important: The “Ravenswood” spin-off show. The sneak peek here gives you a greater sense as to what this world is going to be like, and just how creepy / fantastic it truly is.

Photo: ABC Family