‘White Collar’ season 5 spoilers: Matt Bomer on the Neal – Peter storyline

What's next? -So how does Peter manage to find his way out of prison on “White Collar” season 5? As it turns out, Neal may actually be to blame for it. It’s a bizarre, exciting new story that we are getting the opportunity to explore, since it’s really turning the tables on what the relationship between the two is really all about. Neal has long been the vagrant criminal mastermind that has helped Peter out, and he now becomes a saving grace.

So with this interesting new dynamic in mind, it’s easy for a certain Matt Bomer to preach his excitement level over it. For more on that, just take a look at what he has to say in a new interview with E! News:

“I am really excited about this season! It’s all about this Faustian bargain; a deal that Neal makes with the devil in exchange for Peters freedom and it just creates this interesting dynamic on the show because the show is all about trust … Once again Neal always has the best intentions but it puts him in a very compromising position.”

Sound fun? It should! There are going to be interesting conflicts that arise for the two parties rather quickly throughout the season, and they include everything from a mysterious woman from Peter’s past who may jeopardize things between him and Elizabeth and also a new mystery for Neal to try and deal with. Mark A. Sheppard will be back for multiple episodes in the role that he once took on in the show’s pilot, and there will be a new love interest played by Bridget Regan. That’s ultimately quite a bit to get through in the span of just thirteen episodes. (This season order was short¬†thanks to creator Jeff Eastin juggling this and “Graceland” simultaneously.)

The new season of “White Collar” premieres on USA on Thursday, October 17. So get excited, and we will be back with some more scoop very soon.

Photo: USA

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