‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 2 review: Evelyn Lozada, Tasha Marbury talk things out

evelyn lozada -In watching this week’s “Basketball Wives,” we felt there were some moments of peace in the middle of all of the madness, but is that feeling really going to last? Based on some tension that was already there with new cast member Tasha Marbury, we doubt it.

As far as a new star of the show goes, we actually really like Tasha being there. For one, she is actually a real basketball wife rather than someone formerly married to someone playing the sport. She also has a story that really accents one of the hardest parts of the sport, in that Stephon Marbury is all the way across the world in China, where he has become a superstar the past few years and a very rich man. (This is the hot new trend for aging basketball players, especially when they struggle to maintain play in America.)

Tasha is clearly close to Evelyn Lozada, but just as with the premiere, something still feels understandably off with her given what she has been through. Her scenes may be real in terms of dialogue, but they still feel oddly staged, and that we’re watching various clips of a family drama versus something meant to be a real-life depiction. Is this what years of reality TV do to you?

Outside of the fact that there are a good four or five other shows on TV just like it at this point, the only major issue continually weighing “Basketball Wives” as a series down is just that it feels at times like we’re watching the same theme play out through these women. They are struggling to find themselves and discovery a new identity, and they are reaching for some sort of help. Maybe they think it’s this show, and maybe that does support them in some way as an outlet. We just wish that there was something a little bit more entertaining to go along with it so far this year.

While we like Tasha’s addition, this season is still lacking something for us as a whole. Maybe that will change over the rest of the season.

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Photo: VH1

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