‘So You Think You Can Dance’ rankings: Amy Yakima, Paul Karmiryan among favorites for finale

Here's the top 6 -Now, we are in the nitty-gritty of “So You Think You Can Dance.” We have arrived near the tail end of the competition, and only the lucky four will make it any further.

But who will these four be? Given that the judges are no longer saving anyone, this is the time of the year when surprises can happen. Therefore, for these rankings we’re more or less throwing judges’ comments out the window, and focusing more on what could really matter tomorrow: Performance quality, placement on last week’s show, and even the most recent dance and style that you performed. All of this plays a part in what is going to be the last hurdle before the finale.

The guys

3. Fik-Shun – He has managed to have a very good run on this show, but after some high and low points, it seems inevitable that he will be the one eliminated on Wednesday. While there is going to be some drama among the women, we are not quite sure that there will be any for the guys.

2. Aaron Turner – Our only concern with Aaron is that he once again performed early in last week’s show, and that is always a danger. But we also have a hard time thinking that if he was in major danger to leave, he would not have went this long without being in the bottom.

1. Paul Karmiryan – Quite possibly one of the best male ballroom dancers the show has ever seen. Our heart lies with rooting for Aaron, but it’s hard to really object to someone as good as Paul making it into the finale, let alone winning at the end of the day.

The girls

3. Hayley Erbert – Hayley is suddenly in much more danger than she was a couple of weeks ago. She had a ballroom routine last week, and those are not the easiest sell. Plus, we have some more logic to our argument here based on the two points ahead.

2. Jasmine Harper – Basing votes on an all-star is a disservice to any contestant who comes on the show, but it would also be silly to say that they cannot be a factor. Jasmine just wrapped up a fun routine with tWitch, and that coupled with some pretty significant votes at her side should propel her into the finale.

1. Amy Yakima – Everything that you could want from a dancer. Great style, great moves, and a great most-recent performance choreographed and featuring Travis Wall. Amy had her road to the finale paved with gold, and as someone who we initially pegged as a favorite, she deserves it.

Who do you think is making it into tomorrow night’s “So you Think You Can Dance” finale? Click here if you want to see the lineup of all-stars for this upcoming show, and as always, be sure to share your thoughts below.

Photo: Fox

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