‘Dexter’ series finale: What characters arrive to this episode alive?

Dexter -If we were Showtime, we’re not entirely sure that we would release any promotional photos at all for the series finale of “Dexter.” Why? It’s simply due to the notion that we would not want to give anything away about the story at all, including who potentially makes it to this episode still alive and breathing.

We’re not going to be sharing any real spoilers here and since the image above and below were released by the network that is a different story. This image is pretty obviously not a big deal, since you knew that Dexter was going to live to see the last episode. But why is he at what seems to be a hospital? Everything from the scrubs to the cheap coffee cup screams just that.

Dexter -Then, you have this photo, and proof that Hannah McKay is alive for the last episode of the show. We’re somewhat torn on this, given that while we understand her possibly being a part of the future we liked the idea of this last episode being just about the people who helped Dexter throughout the course of the show. (Also, we’re bummed that Lumen was never even mentioned on this season, even though she is a major loose end from his past.)

In addition to this, we can confirm via some other photos that both Matthews and Quinn will also be around for the finale, though their lives were never really in any danger. Given that one scene features Michael C. Hall’s character with Quinn, you can also assume that the dream to get to Argentina has not really become a reality … at least not when the finale begins.

Thanks to Labor Day Weekend, you’ll be waiting a while for more on the finale of “Dexter,” but click here to see some more news related to the show.

Photo: Showtime

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