‘The Amazing Race Canada’ review: The incredible Iqaluit

What happened? -One of the aspects of “The Amazing Race Canada” that we have appreciated so much this year comes in that they are not only bringing you so many different parts of Canada on the show, but they are also giving us so much related to the country’s culture. If you are watching this show outside of Canada, for example, when else do you ever hear about the city of Iqaluit? It’s the most remote location out of any place visited on the show so far, and you could see more evidence of that courtesy of tonight’s episode. The north is gorgeous … and extremely cold. We don’t know if we could handle that.

What we can get behind in watching this episode was the physical dominance of Jody & Cory. Despite an obvious physical setback, they dominated a leg that was really all about smart choices and willpower. It’s their first win, and so long as there are not constant footraces, they could be a threat to win just as long as they play smart.

The two teams to play dumb this week were Brett & Holly and Jet & Dave, primarily because they broke the first cardinal rule of switching the detour. Especially, Brett & Holly violated it by being the last team to switch, since that pretty much means that you are so far behind, and likely staking everything that the team before you messes up. This was not a particularly great detour for them anyway given that both challenges were somewhat physical, but they should have gotten there, realized how heavy the igloo blocks were, and left right away. They still may have been eliminated, but it would have at least been closer.

We imagine that a good portion of Canada was annoyed by the occasional Brett / Holly dysfunction, but we really liked the team and felt early on like they could be one of the best on the show. They just fell victim to a couple bad decisions, and simply the truth that you have to be pretty physical in order to do well on certain legs of the race.

Now, we turn once again into Vanessa & Celina being one of the luckiest teams in the show’s history, almost the modern-day frat guys if you remember that season. They have yet to really do any one thing particularly well, but are being helped courtesy of other teams managing to do things that are somehow even worse every leg. Thanks to them simply picking a detour and staying with it, they were saved. The other luckiest team out there is Tim & Tim, only by virtue of getting saved twice. They were actually very strong this leg and beat the girls, even with a Speed Bump included.

What did you think about this episode, and is there a part of you that actually will miss Brett & Holly on the show? If you want to read some more news related to the show, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: CTV

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