‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: McCrae and Elissa ‘talk it out’ … but not really

The latest -What is it with “Big Brother” houseguests making terrible comparisons in addition to all of their crazy racism this year? While McCrae has been more of an enabler this year than a harbinger of controversy, he changed that slightly tonight with his comparisons of Elissa to Eva Braun … seriously. He’s the second person this season after Spencer to make Hitler-related comments, and doing this when his “Big Brother wife” Amanda is Jewish makes it even more wrong. (Then again, Amanda is probably one of the worst people in the game when it comes to this stuff.)

McCrae and Elissa sort-of buried a hatchet with a conversation today, where they each talked about their hurt feelings. McCrae was upset about being nominated, but she justifiably countered that by reminding him all about the simple fact that she was nominated by him week one.

Then, the two argued about whether or not it was offensive for Elissa to laugh in Amanda’s face earlier this weekend, which was one of the reasons that we had all of the crazy episodes from here to begin with. The two have at least agreed to be on better terms and to try and “help” each other, but that is really laughable given that both parties really want nothing more than to get the other out of the game.

Basically, the easiest way to describe the past few days is as follows: Amanda and McCrae are acting like children because they didn’t get what they wanted here which is getting Elissa to put up their targets on the block. Thanks to that, they have to come up with a new plan, and insulting each other seems to be a big part of the plan.

We’ll have one more update at the end of the night, but for now be sure to visit the link here to see some more news related to the show.

Photo: CBS

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