‘Homeland’ season 3: Take a look back with Damian Lewis and the cast

The new Brody -In just over a month now, “Homeland” is going to return with its all-important third season. But how do you ultimately get from point A to point B? This is what the new video below courtesy of Showtime hopes to answer.

This is not exactly a preview of the season ahead by any means. Instead, what we are basically looking at here is an opportunity to recap everything that has transpired on the series so far. This means that we have an opportunity to look at some notable events, or just an chance to refresh the brain after some time away. Given that it was the end of 2012 when we last saw Nicholas Brody and company on screen, certain details start to slip away over time.

If you were to look at season 3 (for now) as a series of components, here is what you would have:

1. Brody – He won’t be around until episode 3, and most of his story revolves around a pretty simple question: Is it even possible for someone in his position to get back to being the person that he once was? Can you really come home again after doing such terrible things?

2. Carrie – Can she defend herself adequately against Congress? This is going to be the year of reflection for her, where she can really look back and realize what she has done from a little bit more of an unbiased perspective.

3. Saul – It’s all about big decisions now that he is in a position of power, and for him, one of them could very well be if he is going to be able to figure out how to run the CIA, and if he benefits from turning someone like Carrie into the fall girl.

Is this “Homeland” video enough to get you excited for the new season? If you find yourself answering “no” to this question, then just click here for a longer teaser.

Photo: Showtime

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