‘Breaking Bad’ series finale: Watch Dean Norris ‘spoil’ show’s ending

Dean Norris -For those of you who really do not have any interest at all in waiting until the “Breaking Bad” series finale to find out just what happens when it comes to Walter and Hank, don’t worry: We have the ending for you now! Well, sort of. It’s at least the ending that Dean Norris thought up for himself in the latest Funny or Die video.

As you can see below, Norris has composed for himself a series finale script for “Breaking Bad” simply entitled “Hank Wins,” and the story here is almost entirely as such. Hank finds a way to arrest Walt, meet up with a bevy of other women, and then skateboard into the sunset in order to fight crime on Mars while also sporting a separate set of superpowers. Apparently, Hank secretly possesses the same set of hopes and dreams for his character that you would traditionally see from a six-year old kid.

Ultimately, we hope that Norris gets one thing as a result of this video: More comedy work. We knew that he was a funny guy before, but this certainly proves it. There is a good bit of comedy in “Breaking Bad,” and there is also a significant comedy presence off-screen as well. In between Bob Odenkirk and Lavell Crawford, Vince Gilligan cast a number of people on this show who are actually much more well-known for what they do in the world of comedy. (There is also a great “Gilligan” cameo in the video.)

On a more serious note, click here if you want to actually get a sense of what is really coming up on “Breaking Bad” next week.

Photo: AMC

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