‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results; GinaMarie makes her move

The latest -The Power of Veto Ceremony happened mere minutes ago in the “Big brother 15′ house, but the results were something that we and everyone else saw coming based on what happened over the weekend; Andy is the replacement nominee, which is really the best way that Elissa can ensure now that Aaryn actually leaves the game on Thursday night.

Is Andy concerned about his life in the game? Sure, but not as much as he would have been a few days ago. The formation of the Exterminators alliance, if it ends up staying together, is one that could take him, GinaMarie, Judd, and Spencer to the final four so long as they win the right competitions. It also ensures that Aaryn will go home in at least a 3-2 vote. There may be even more of a push Aaryn’s way, given that McCrae never wanted to get rid of Andy in the first place. While there has been plenty of lying, Amanda has made the only genuine push to keep Aaryn for now, knowing that she is a target that can be used to keep herself safe in the game a little while longer.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves too much now since this is a long week, but this is the first time going into Thursday that we really have felt like Julie Chen will be sitting down and forced to talk with one of the most offensive houseguests ever on the show. We get that there will be a great interest in America getting their pound of flesh for everything that has been said over the past few months, but the truth of the matter is that this interview is almost certain to be a disappointment. Julie can’t reveal too much about the outside world for one, and if anything, all we will get out of an Aaryn is a half-hearted “sorry” for the bed-flipping or the rice comments.

With all of this being said, the most joy we will get out of this is simply seeing her leave the house. If Amanda, GinaMarie, and Spencer can all go soon, then we can have a possible final full of people who are not entirely terrible.

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Photo: CBS

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