2013 VMAs: Taylor Swift says ‘sorry for my arm’ (or something else) during Harry Styles speech

The announcement -This is the sort of thing that is rarely caught by the majority of people watching an awards show live; a brief moment during a cutaway shot of Taylor Swift, especially given that there about a million of these that happen over the course of a broadcast.

Here is basically what happened. One Direction was on stage at the start of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in order to do an introductory segment, and at one point while Harry Styles is speaking, the camera points to Taylor Swift, sitting next to her BFF Selena Gomez as she was for the vast majority of the night. Based on the reaction of people online, there are two things that she may have said in this moment.

1. “Shut the f**k up” – This is the one that characterizes Swift as an extremely bitter young woman, desperate to continue putting down the men in her life who end up breaking her heart. If this is the case, you may as well expect her now to pen the most epic love-slam song for Harry when her next album comes out.

2. “Sorry for my arm” – Taylor is moving her arm away from Selena at the time that she is saying this, and this is what many of Swift’s fans are claiming that she said. Here is the primary problem that we see with that: Who ever says the words “sorry for my arm” in a sentence?

Either way, this clip has gone viral over the past twelve or so hours, and it will be interesting to see if Swift ever really chooses to address it.

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Photo: MTV

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