‘Pretty Little Liars’ summer finale spoilers: The creepy clown of Ravenswood

Pretty Little Liars -It only takes about two seconds when watching “Pretty Little Liars” to realize when the characters are in Ravenswood. The color scheme is significantly more dated, the townspeople are infinitely creepier, and it’s only here that you have such things as a mime / clown doing a magic show in the same sort of place that we saw a cemetery.

In the sneak peek below from tomorrow night’s summer finale, you can see this sort of clown beckon Aria, who clearly has plenty of other things on her mind right now, to get into his magic box that probably doubles as a disappearing device. During this whole scene there seems to be a man watching them, and the clown puts her under such peer pressure that she finally decides to go along with.

So what are the odds here that something pretty terrible is going to happen with Aria here? It could just be a fake-out, but we love how the conspiracy theories online are such that many believe that this clown is actually Alison. We’re not going to say anything one way or another here, mostly because that would spoil all of the fun; but let’s just say that a few people already online have managed to figure this out.

This is not the last time that we will be seeing Ravenswood on this show prior to the start of the spin-off show. The characters will travel again to the town during the October Halloween special, and this should also be when (spoiler alert) something happens that causes Caleb to leave Hanna, and join the spin-off rather than remain a permanent fixture in Rosewood.

Click here if you want to see another sneak peek for tomorrow night’s finale, but one that focuses more on Hanna’s mother Ashley.

Photo: ABC Family

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