‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Jane Lynch on how Sue Sylvester returns to McKinley

Sue Sylvester -Let’s face it: You all knew that Sue Sylvester and her famous tracksuit were going to find their way back to McKinley High school on “Glee” season 5, and that her dismissal from the school was not going to last forever. She wasn’t the one who brought the gun to school, after all, and was just trying to protect Becky Jackson, who was feeling afraid about her own future away from the school.

So for Sue, the question is not when she is going to be back at the school with some of her favorite people to routinely mock, it’s how she will return. She is no longer going to be the cheerleading coach, but Jane Lynch tells TV Guide that she will have found a different and hopefully-entertaining way to seize power over NeNe Leakes’ Coach Roz Washington:

“She has a new position of power, and there’s one scene where she makes everybody get a polio vaccine, even though the disease was eradicated decades ago … Principal Figgins is still around, but we’ll learn in what capacity. And I have power over [new Cheerios coach] Roz Washington.”  

So maybe Sue is the new Vice-Principal? Many schools have them, and this is not something that we have heard too much about within the world of the show. Any chance to see Sue have power makes for entertainment, given that she is someone who is always going to assume a certain measure of it, regardless of whether or not she has done anything to deserve it at all.

Want do you want to see take place within the world of Sue on the show? If you want to take a look at some more news about the upcoming Cory Monteith tribute episode, take a look here. “Glee” returns on Thursday, September 26.

Photo: Fox

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