‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 9 review: Make your own kind of cacophony

What's next? -What a bizarre final season “Dexter” is having at this point. We could sit here and talk about the things that transpired on tonight’s episode that were somewhat illogical, but then we would have to remember the following: This is a show that has never revolved much around having stories that were completely grounded within a certain realm of reality. See the Ice Truck Killer back in season 1 for a good example of that.

The truth is that there really are a number of interesting parallels present here between this year and the show’s origin, beginning with the revelation tonight that the real person behind a series of terrible killings just so happened to be someone who was a secret family member of someone very involved in the case. Instead of it being Dexter Morgan, though, it was Dr. Evelyn Vogel. In a move that is sure to anger many, Oliver Saxon is actually her son, and the reason she became so obsessed with psychopaths in the first place.

Wouldn’t this have been nice information for Dexter to know in advance? Sure, but she surely assumed that since he was dead by her knowledge, he was not going to be coming back and causing her any more harm. Her deciding to let this man into her life basically puts Vogel at death’s door, and maybe she even knows it. She just does not have it within her to leave someone she loves behind, just in the same way that Dexter feels like he cannot abandon Hannah. It’s a different sort of love, but love all the same.

In making his connections to Hannah even obvious to a certain Federal Marshall tonight, thanks mostly to the innocent one here in Harrison, Dexter now has a dark cloud hanging over him. Hannah’s still in Miami, and if they are both going to be skipping town, they better be prepared to leave quickly. This inspired his decision to leave, and if he does so without killing the Brain Surgeon first, he runs the risk of even more killings. Dilemma, dilemmas.

In the end, “Make Your Own Kind of Music” was a great “Dexter” set-up episode, but it will probably not squash the concerns that some have this season. Hannah’s still not universally-liked, for example, even if her scenes with Deb this week were among her best to date. Also, the Masuka story is nice, but no longer seems to have a purpose.

What do you think about this episode?┬áIf you do want to read some more “Dexter” season 8 news, including seeing a preview for next week’s all-new episode, just be sure to visit the link here.

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